Customer Service

A. Privacy

When shopping with Leonard Mountain, you can be assured that your personal and financial information is secure and safe with us. We know that this is an issue and a worry, but all of the information is safely set behind many heavy doors with great big locks that even we donít have the combination.

B. Shipping

We will make the following solemn committment to you because once you have placed your order with us, we have become your employee for that transaction:

  1. Your Job is to give us an accurate address Ė Our duty is get the package to itís destination in perfect condition. WE ship both FedEx and UPS.
  2. Would you like to put a personal message on your package, that is our pleasure to help you make that happen. Please go to the space that we have provided or call the office at 800-822-7700.
  3. As time draws close to any holiday, whether it is a published holiday or someone you know who is having a birthday Ė remember that it will take a minimum of 1-2 weeks for us to process your order (weekends not included) and then up to 5 business days for the carrier to get the package to itsí destination.
  4. For packages that need to ship outside the continental United States and including Military Installations, please call our office 800-822-7700 for additional help.

C. Returns

We understand that sometimes, you realize after you receive an item that what you ordered and what you received didnít just work out. Because we are handling a food item, if you would notify us not more than 36 hours upon receipt of the package arriving at your address, we will be happy to make appropriate provisions.

If, for some reason, you are unsatisfied with the product, or you find that the product is broken due to transit, again please notify our office within 5 days of receipt of the incident so that we can assist you with the problem.