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''Merry Christmas'' 5 Pack Gift Set

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You will be getting 3 Amigos Enchilada Stew, 4 Amigos Tortilla Soup, Spuds 'N Chives Potato Soup, Hunky Chunky Veggie Stew and Chicken 'N Pasta Soup.

In this 5 soup sampler, we have let the elves in our kitchen put the boxes of dry soup mix together. Again they chose the most popular of our many flavors. Even ole Saint Nick might like for you to leave him a little cup of one of those soups on the fireplace hearth for when he comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve. It gets pretty cold in that sleigh and a cup of warm soup may be just what he needs.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe a Happy New Year.