Corporate Gifts

Oh No, you’re in charge of the Corporate Gift Program this year. What in the world will you present to the committee?

How often have these words been spoken? Panic sets in, real panic, because this is a big job & usually a lot is on the line. Let Leonard Mountain take the headache away. We have an outstanding program. We can help you design the gift, we can private label the product, if you wish, we can fulfill the products from another company acting as a fulfillment center & put the entire package together. We can create & build a wooden crate to fit the project. We can have a box created to fit the package. We will personalize each package with a handwritten card & drop ship the package to every person on your list. When it is over, we will send you a spread sheet that outlines everything that we have done along with the tracking numbers of each package.

We have over 350 items of our own to select, we can help you with items from fellow companies & with our connections & working relationships, have those items sent to us so that you will have just the right mix of “goodies” in your package. When the first of the year comes around, you, the person who is responsible will be the sweetheart of the company! We won’t tell who did the hard work – you can take all the credit!

Now if you are a large company & are looking for year round items for various & unique gifts & packages, we can fill that bill as well. We are capable of putting a one-time label on an item for a promotional sale. This is great for that unique project that is an ‘in & out’ sale. With the large inventory of products that Leonard Mountain makes, we generally have just the item you would be looking for.

Give us a call or send us an email. Click here for a link back to the page of gifts but remember; we are only limited by our own creativity.

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