Private Label

Keep the customers coming back to your store EXCLUSIVELY.

Put your name on the products.

How? Is it easy? Does it cost a lot?

You work hard for your customers.

You pay a lot to go to market to find just the right products to fit in your store.

WHAT? - someone else is also selling that very same product - oh no! - how can that be?

What if the customer goes to someone else to purchase that VERY SAME item you searched so long and hard for at market.

Problem solved. Put your name on the product. If the customer - YOUR customer - finds the product in YOUR store, that product is only sold in YOUR store - SO - if the customer wants that product again, WELL - he or she needs to come back to YOU!!

You may not be able to Private Label your entire store, but if you could get some really outstanding products with your name on them, and they happen to be consumable items, it brings those little feet right back to your store. You can sell those other items that you have as well!!

Leonard Mountain has a very well run and easy to use Private Label Program.

We have set it up so that there is little effort on your part and in just a few days, you can be in business. Our products are top of the line and so your program will be top of the line as well.

Does it cost a lot? It doesn't cost any more than if you were going to open an order with us in the first place. Call our office today 800-822-7700 and let one of our trained staff people get you started.

What are you waiting for? Time is money - spend yours wisely!!