Customer Feedback

"Hi, we had two boxes of your soup for the first time this week. My husband is crazy about the Seafood Veggie Chowder. Made it with non-fat organic milk and leftover fish (cod and halibut). He said it's better than any chowder he'd ever eaten. Love the 2 Amigos soup also. Didn't add a thing to it as it was fabulous. Thanks again." - Florence E.

"Hello, Leonard Mountain folks. I just want you to know that I came in third place (out of 19) in a chili cook-off at work, and I used your chili as a base (I added some cilantro, some chili spice, and a few other seasonings). So, thanks for the help!" - Barbara B.

"I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your Enchilada Stew! You provide a great seasoning that I can put as much as I want to make it as spicy as I want and everything is low sodium! Who knew that you could get great taste and low sodium! Thanks again!" - Julie P.

"Your Country Collection soup makes so much, I can feed my family of 5 for $8.00!! Simply amazing! Thank you for your wonderful products! " - Paula T.

"I bought these because I was impressed by their low sodium levels, but I expected that they'd need "doctoring" to be palatable. Wrong! These soups are all wonderful as packaged. They're a great staple to have on hand for a quick and easy meal, but they can also be thrown in a slow cooker to be ready when you come home." - Margaret S.

"When I bought these soups initially (several months ago), I saw the one review. But what that reviewer said about not needing to doctor the soups up for them to be good, really struck a cord with me as that is what I have always needed to do with any soup mixes I had used prior. I also really liked that they only take 20 minutes to make. You can let them stew if you want, but 20 minutes makes a wonderful tasting soup. They have chunky veggies and are very flavorful. I totally love these soups. I have now bought them several times & when ordering again today I thought I needed to also review this great find." - Brenda C.

"Every one of these soups was delicious! I found them to be very versatile as well. I added ingredients here or there--whatever I happened to have in the cupboard or freezer like black beans, green chilies, chicken breast, etc.--and these soups really impressed. I was particularly excited about the low sodium and low calories in the soups. I'm on a low fat/low calorie diet, and these worked out tremendously well for me. I'm definitely going to buy these again!" - Liz K

"These mixes make great soups. I just add a little meat and water to a crockpot and I have lunch for a week. The soups are tasty and not high in sodium like other soup mixes." - S. Skinner

"These Miss Leone's "Habanero Stuffed Olives" are very good tasting and just over medium spicy hot. My family loves olives but we are a house divided on hot peppers since my daughter and I like very spicy foods, while my wife and son have a very low tolerance. These are too spicy for my wife and son but are just the right level for my daughter and I. The flavor of the olives is not overwhelmed by the habanero and the two complement each-other nicely. Highly Recommend!" - CFH

"Had served these at Thanksgiving with my family. They are all BIG Olive eaters. Each year I try to find a different Stuffing. These were the first to disappear. While waiting for the food, some had a Bloody Mary and they were a nice "kick" to them. Will buy these again." - M.J.

"Love these olives. They are just the right size and have good heat." - Carl G.

"Need a little doctoring, but still great! My family uses these all the time. We buy a rotisserie chicken and after removing the wings and drumsticks, we shred it and throw it in the crock pot with these soups. We use chicken broth instead of water. Some of them do need some extra spice, but I still feel like they are much easier than other prepared soup. The big difference between Leonard Mt soups and other packaged soups is the sodium content. I cannot find anything out there with such low sodium. So, I add a little chili powder, cumin, bacon, etc. and they are delish. We use the potato chive the most and sub half milk half chicken broth and add bacon bits." - Patricia G

"On this site or since there's not a review here on another site, I read that this product arrived with all the cheese dispersed in the jar. While some cheese did dissolve in the brine, the olives were jam-packed with blue cheese. I think the problem is that the cheese used is very soft. And wonderfully creamy. And I would take this product, cloudy brine or not, over what is available locally. Also I should mention that the size of the olives are quite large compared to the locally available brands and at a lower price. I have not yet signed up for any of Amazon's food subscriptions, but I might make an exception here. Those that read my reviews know that I demand quality and value, and this product hits the bullseye." - Ken