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5 Hungry Amigos * Enchilada * Tortilla * Dos Amigos Green Chili (NEW LOWER PRICE!)

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5 Boxes of Soup - 2 Enchilada, 2 Tortilla, and 1 Dos Amigos Green Chili Stew

Just Add Water * Cooks in 20 Minutes * Low Sodium. Boxes serve an average of 6 people. Enchilada, Tortilla, and Green Chili Stew

Como estas?! Bien! This sampler pack includes two boxes of 4 Amigos Tortilla Soup, two 3 Amigos Enchilada Stew and one box of our Dos Amigos Green Chili Stew, making this gift perfect for someone who likes the South of the Border taste. Just Add Water and a little chicken or hamburger to the pot and you will have a great meal in 20 minutes!

souper start for a fiesta!