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5 Soup Sampler Gift Set

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The box includes 3 Amigos Enchilada Stew, Tomato Basil Bisque, Spuds 'N Chives Potato Soup, Hunky Chunky Veggie Stew and Chicken 'N Pasta Soup.

As the leader in the original "total package" meaning that in each box we included everything you needed and all you needed to do was Just Add Water, we decided to combine 5 of our most popular soups into this very affordable Gift set. Each box makes about a 2 quarts of lowfat soup in about 20 minutes of cooking (although we usually like to cook soup longer to really bring out the flavor). The soups are vegetarian, but we like to add meat to all the soups, however our vegetarian friends can enjoy the soup just as it is. Give this 5 soup sampler a try or send as a gift you won't be sorry.