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Mama's Favorite Soups

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Mama Leone has created the Best of Italy in her collection of soups. Pasta e Fagioli is the basic of soup of old Italy. Ask any kid from an Italian family and they know Pasta Fagioli – granted every family has their own recipe, but the idea is the same ‘macaroni and beans’. What’s not to like! Minestrone is the core of Italian soup, if you have been to any Italian restaurant; you have had Minestrone on the menu. Again, this is a staple in the Italian Family of soups. Italian Wedding has been THE soup for weddings from the neighborhood. Easy to prepare, just add a little more water when a few more guests arrive than were expected. Tuscany Vegetable is really our version of a white based pasta fagioli. We knew not everyone liked tomato based soups, so we played around with the recipe and think you will love as much as we do.