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Happy Holidays 6 Pack Queen Stuffed Olives Gift Set- *NEW LOWER PRICE*

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Each Jar Net Wt. 12oz, Hand Stuffed * Hand Packed - Low Fat

No matter what language or manner you ring in the Holiday Season, sending your favorite person a set of these Gourmet Queen Olives will sure bring them love and joy. We have a large variety of appropriate labels to ensure all religions and celebrations are recognized. 

(1) Garlic Stuffed
(1) Bleu Cheese Stuffed
(1) Caper Stuffed
(1) Almond Stuffed
(1) "Rockets" - Garlic & Jalapeno Stuffed
(1) Martini Pimento Stuffed

or Check our the Assorted Set if you Have Favorites

A great way to gift!